2019 Chinese New Year Hampers

The design and pattern for the hampers as shown in illustrations are only available in Sarawak.

For West Malaysia, hamper's pattern and design will be changed to ensure the safety of delivery. Sorry for inconvenience caused.


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CNY19-03 财源滚滚 (RM128)

CNY19-03 财源滚滚 (RM128)

1.Honey Lychee 700ml 2.Chicken Essence with Ginseng & Cordyceps虫草泡参鸡精3X70ml 3.Chez Nuts &a.....
CNY19-04 花开富贵  (RM150)

CNY19-04 花开富贵 (RM150)

1.Viela Red Wine 高级红酒750ml 2.Chicken Essence with Cordyceps 虫草泡参雞精 3 X 70ml 3.Cordyceps Flower.....
CNY19-05 繁花似锦  (RM188)

CNY19-05 繁花似锦 (RM188)

1.Bird’s Nest American Ginseng with White Fungus & Rock Sugar 泡参雪耳冰糖燕窝3 X 70ml 2.Selected Dri.....
CNY19-06 福星高照 (RM208)

CNY19-06 福星高照 (RM208)

1.Viela Red Wine 高级红酒 750ml 2.Bird’s Nest American Ginseng with White Fungus & Rock Sugar泡参雪耳.....
CNY19-07 春满人间 (RM228)

CNY19-07 春满人间 (RM228)

1.Oreno Riserva 2016 red wine 高级红酒 750ml 2.Bird’s Nest American Ginseng with White Fungus & R.....
CNY19-08 欣欣向荣 (RM258)

CNY19-08 欣欣向荣 (RM258)

1.Molle Red Wine 2014 红酒375ml 2.Chicken Essence with Cordyceps 虫草泡参鸡精 3 X 70g 3.American Ginse.....
CNY19-09 多福多寿 (素vegetarian)  (RM268)

CNY19-09 多福多寿 (素vegetarian) (RM268)

1.Morrina Honey Lychee荔枝蜂蜜 1botol 2.Ferrero Rocher 意大利金莎巧克力24pcs 3.Essence of Cordyceps Plus 冬.....
CNY19-10 福禄寿喜 (RM308)

CNY19-10 福禄寿喜 (RM308)

1.Oreno Riserva 2016 Red Wine 高级红酒 750ml 2.Bird’s Nest American Ginseng with White Fungus & R.....
CNY19-11 财运亨通  (RM358)

CNY19-11 财运亨通 (RM358)

1.Ansonn Rich Melot Red Wine 高级红酒 2.STH Abalone 顺泰行鲍鱼 1can 3.High Grade Dried Mushroom 上品花菇 15.....
CNY19-12 招财进宝 (RM398)

CNY19-12 招财进宝 (RM398)

1.Johnie Walker Black Label 70cl 2.King Top Shell 龙王鲍(product of Mexico) 425g 3.Preserved Frui.....
CNY19-13 吉祥如意  (RM500)

CNY19-13 吉祥如意 (RM500)

1.Chivas Regal 12 years Blended Scotch Whisky 750ml 1botl 2.STH Abalone 顺泰行鲍鱼 1can 3.American .....
CNY19-14 龙马精神  (RM600)

CNY19-14 龙马精神 (RM600)

1.Chivas Regal 12years Blended Scotch Whisky 1botl 2.Japan Abalone 汤师父清汤鲍鱼 1can 3.STH Abalone顺.....
CNY19-15 鸿运当头  (RM688)

CNY19-15 鸿运当头 (RM688)

1.Henessy Cognac 700ml 2.Japan Abalone 汤师父清汤鲍鱼 1can 3.Souper Tang Wild Honey 汤师父野蜜糖 400ml 4.....
CNY19-16 财源广进  (RM888)

CNY19-16 财源广进 (RM888)

1.Henessy Vsop Privilege Cognac 70cl 2.Japan Abalone 汤师父清汤鲍鱼 1can 3.STH Abalone 顺泰行鲍鱼 1can .....
CNY19-17 步步高升  (RM1000)

CNY19-17 步步高升 (RM1000)

1.Hennessy Vsop Privilege Cognac 70cl 2.STH Abalone 顺泰行鲍鱼 1can 3.Japan Abalone 汤师父清汤鲍鱼 1can .....