CNY19-11 财运亨通 (RM358)

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1.Ansonn Rich Melot Red Wine 高级红酒

2.STH Abalone 顺泰行鲍鱼 1can

3.High Grade Dried Mushroom 上品花菇 150g

4.Bird’s Nest American with White Fungus & Rock Sugar 泡参雪耳冰糖燕窝 3 X 150ml

5.Floral Can with Orea Nut Cookies 精选年饼 1can

6.Red Tea 红茶 50g X 2pkt

7.Premium Fishmaw 佛手鳔 80g

8.Choco Chips & Raisin Cookies 巧克力葡萄饼 130g

9.Equisite Greeting Card精美贺卡