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* Raya hampers only valid in Sarawak, Malaysia.

*Exclusive Medina Clossy Oval Box With Arabesque Gold Lining:
>Mariami Date (300g)
>Chocolate Almond Date (150g)
>Premium Dried Fruits - (200g)
>Decoration & Packaging
*Exclusive Gold Box With Chocoplam Almond Chocolate
*Stainless Steel Filigree Golden Candy Box With 12pcs Ferrero Rocher
*Stainless Steel Gold Plate Tray
*Gold Plate Candy Gifts Box Special :
>Organic Nut & Raisin – (130g)
>Organic Almond Shell Nut –(150g)
>Homemade Crispy Prawn Roll – (100g)
>Roasted Cashewnut – (130g)
*Homemade Ranggup Almond Cookies – (1 Box)
*Homemade Cheese Tart Cookies – (1 Box)
*Hari Raya Greeting Card