Hari Raya Hamper 20 (HR20-10) | Lavender Flora Florist

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Price in EUR: EUR €720.00
Price in SGD: SGD $1,140.00
Price in USD: USD $840.00
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* Tall Stainless Steel Filigree Golden Jar with Choco   * Tall Stainless Steel Filigree Golden Jar with Candy  
* Ferrero Rocher T24   * European Candy Tray   * Crytal Box   * Stuffed Date In Premium Gifts Box   
* Stainless Steel Gold Plate Tray   * Gold Wooden Tissue Box   * Turkish Golden Jar wtih Import   * Exclusive Crytal Food Tray   * Singer Premium Choco Product of Singapore   * Stainless Steel handle Tray   * Exclusive Medina Glossy with Box Arabesque Gold Lining (Mariami Date 500g, Premium Fine Choco 50g, Premium Dried Fruits 300g)   * Exclusive Medina Glossy Box   * Premium Gift Box   * Gloden Crytal Stand   * Homemade Cookies   * Stainless Steel Golden Jar   * Hari Raya Greeting Card