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CNY 23-04 五福临门

CNY 23-04 五福临门

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  • Sparkling Juice  750ml
  • Chicken Essence With Ginseng & Cordyceps 泡参鸡精 6 X 70ml
  • Peach Gum 精选桃胶150g
  • Health Soup 养生汤 70g
  • Premium Date 上品贡枣 60g
  • Cheeznuts 多味花生 120g
  • Red Bean Barley Tea红豆薏米茶 150g
  • Passion Fruit Lime Lemon Tea 百香果金桔柠檬茶 90g
  • Millet Crisp 日式锅巴 100g
  • Packing & Decorative 包装与装饰
  • Chinese New Year Greetings Card 新年贺卡
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