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CNY 23-10 (B) Vegetarian 素 吉祥如意

CNY 23-10 (B) Vegetarian 素 吉祥如意

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  • Premium Pu Er Tea 上品普洱茶 80g
  • Floral Can Almond Cookies 精选杏仁酥 230g
  • Snow Fungus 雪耳 80g
  • Longevity Noodles 长寿面 280g
  • Roasted Chasew Nut 炭烤腰果 108g
  • Preserved Mango 芒果干 108g
  • Premier Mushroom 特级花菇 80g
  • Millet Crisp 日式锅巴 100g
  • Collagen Dessert (White Fungus, Snow Fungus, Peach Gum) 养颜三宝 (雪燕,雪耳,桃胶)
  • Red Date Walnut 贡枣核桃 100g
  • Packing & Decorative 包装与装饰
  • Chinese New Year Greetings Card 新年贺卡
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