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CNY24-04 恭贺新禧

CNY24-04 恭贺新禧

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*Sparkling Juice 750ml

*Bird Nest Drinks 3X70ml 泡参冰糖燕窝

*Jasmine Tea 茉莉花茶 60gm

*Nonya Recipe Curry Rendang 祖传娘惹料理 200gm

*Sweet Coconut Almond Biscuit 扁挑仁椰丝饼 170gm

*Cheez Nuts 老口味八宝豆 120gm

*Pearl Jelly 果冻 140gm

*Jelly Candy 水果软糖 100gm

*Chocolate Ball 80gm

*Chinese New Year Greetings Card 新年贺卡

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