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CNY24-09 金玉满堂 (素)

CNY24-09 金玉满堂 (素)

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*Apple Cider Vinegar 蜂蜜苹果醋 400ml

*Vegetarian Asam Fish 香浓亚参鱼 330gm

*Vegetarian Herbs Salted Baked Chicken 药材盐焗鸡 330gm

*Plum Vegetarian Lions Mane Mushroom 梅菜猴头菇 330gm

*Red Dates With Walnut 枣夹核桃仁

*High Grade Dried Mushroom 上等级花菇 150gm

*Homemade Pineapple Tart 凤梨酥

*Chinese New Year Greetings Card 新年贺卡

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