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  • Safawi stuffed Date With Dried Fruits In Medina Arabic box
  • Safawi stuffed Date With Roasted Mix Nuts In Medina Arabic box
  • Exclusive Islamic Design With :

   * Dried Kiwi 1Box

   * Dried Apricot 1 Box

   * Pistachio Nuts 1 Box

   * Dark Chocolate 1 Box

  • Exclusive Ceramic Golden Plate
  • Tall Stainless Steel Golden Candle Stand
  • Exclusive White Treasure Golden Box
  • Exclusive Turkish Glass Jar 3 Set
  • Stainless Steel Gold Plate Crystal Tray
  • Checker Almond Milk Chocolate-200g
  • Alfredo Indulgent Dark Chocolate - 110g
  • Vintage Hazelnut Milk Chocolate -180g
  • Homemade Almond London Cookies-1 Box
  • Dried Figs 180g
  • Al Farouk Olive Oil Virgin 250ml
  • Crispy Samosa Chicken -80g
  • Hari Raya Greeting Card & Decorations

*All Raya Hamper Shown above is only available in EAST MALAYSIA.

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