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  • Exclusive Mosque Box With:

       *Pistachio Nuts 1Box

       *Dried Apricote 1Box

       *Dried Kiwi -1Box

       *Almond Roasted Nuts -1Box

  • Exclusive Wooden Moon & Mosque Box
  • Exclusive Black Golden Turkish Tray Set  
  • Haxagon Turkish Wooden With Chocolate (Made In Turkey)
  • Exclusive Crystal Golden Stainless Steel
  • Tall Stainless steal White Flower Jar
  • Exclusive Mosque Box With :

        *White Truffle Almond & Coconut

        *Diamond Truffle Chocolate Strawberry

  • Black Golden Lining Tray -1pcs
  • Hayat Fresh Fig Vinegar -250ml
  • Safawi Stuffed Mix Date In Premium Box
  • Wooden Treasure Box With:

         * Date And Chocolate Date-2 pkt

  • Homemade Almond London Cookies
  • Hari Raya Greetings Card
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